Mary Magdalene’s Legacy

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A highly controversial account of what happened to Mary Magdalene after the Crucifixion of Jesus – the claims in this book will send shock waves through the Catholic Church and beyond.

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A ‘story’ of murder, betrayal, intrigue, mystery and one of the greatest archaeological finds in the 20th century..

The introduction announces the discovery of 13 codices, which became known as the Nag Hammadi library, in Upper Egypt in 1945 by two Arab peasants. Political and academic roadblocks delayed their translation and publication until 1975. These are referred to as the gnostic gospels and have been called the secret teachings of Jesus. No one knows who wrote them.

This 62,000 word novel is set in 1st century Judea, Alexandria (Egypt) and Marseille, Gaul. Written in diary form, it chronicles the life of Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion in Jerusalem. Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Mary Salome and her inner circle are spirited away from Bethany to Alexandria by Joseph of Arimathea in 33 CE. Mary Magdalene establishes a Therapeutae community on the shores of Lake Mareotis where she writes Codices II, III & IV.

Five months after arriving in Egypt Mary gives birth to a daughter, Sarah. The apostles (minus Judas & John) join Mary Magdalene . The following year Mary travels to Rome with her inner circle, preaching along the way, founding communities – there are 12 in total. In 43 CE Mary is betrayed by one of the apostles and has to flee Egypt with her inner circle. They sail to Gaul, where her mother was from. There she converts the governor of Gaul and his wife by performing her first miracle – the wife conceives a long awaited child. Joseph takes the 3 Marys to Glastonbury & on their return Mary retires to a cave at La Baume, 30 miles north of Marseille. Mother Mary, Mary Salome and Sarah settle in St Maries-de-la Mer (Saint Marys by the sea)

In September 55 Mary takes Sarah back to Alexandria where Mary writes the ‘Gospel of Mary, the ‘Secret Gospel of Mark’ as well as the NT gospels Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. They return to Gaul after a year and Sarah marries her fiancé, Jean Claude du Bois. Sarah has three children, Mary, Anne & Judas. Mary dies in 63 CE. Sarah now takes up the story and returns to Alexandria in October 63 CE. The children attend school at the Serapeum (daughter of the Library of Alexandria) and Sarah attends the Mystery School of Akhenaten.

In 71 CE Sarah moves to Lake Mareotis during the week and starts writing – Codex I in 73 CE. The children join her in 81 CE and Sarah then writes Codex V.

In 84 CE the children take on the transmitting of the codices and in 95 CE Sarah dies. Judas becomes the leader of the community.

The Epilogue explains some of the codices are encoded and contain the secret teachings of Jesus and the mysteries of the universe.

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5 reviews for Mary Magdalene’s Legacy

  1. Suzanne Bradley, Marlborough

    How wonderful to hear from Mary Magdalene through the writings of Julie de Vere Hunt. Julie writes in a beautiful and easy read way. Her first book ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’ is an A-Z read brining in many spiritual concepts. It is packed with useful information which opens the mind to further research.

    Julie has made her second book, ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’ a story but historically very well researched. It makes it an easy read but the essence of it feels like the truth. I hope it plays its part in readdressing the balance between Masculine and Feminine energy.

    Thank you Julie for telling the truth of the greatest story of our time. It shows the beautiful balance between Jesus and Mary and Mary’s hugely important role.

    This is so needed now at this time on earth.

  2. Bella Hunt, Oxford

    ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’ is an excellent and fascinating book by a very talented author – highly recommend!

  3. Patricia Mannion, Ireland

    ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’: Julie writes with simplicity and truth about the teachings of Jesus – he came to teach us all ‘love and compassion’. The hidden truth that now can become available for us all if we wish to know ourselves as our true selves.

    Julie writes the life story of Mary Magdalene living the true teachings of Jesus and about the challenges she went through having unconditional love for all. The energy from this book is amazing! What I personally got from the book is a sense of peace and a deeper understanding of non-judgement.

    Thank you Julie for your courage, dedication and research in writing this book.

  4. Tilda Radomisli Tucker, Turkey

    This story to me offers a ray of hope for today and for the future. The truth of love as it is meant to be. Where all becomes one, in deep understanding of the story of Mary Magdalene and her small group of devotees following Jesus’s true teachings. The balance of power between the masculine and feminine is so essential for the healing of our personal relationships as well as the healing of the collective. As I read of their journey, to hold the truth, I learned how they have tsruggled and lived after Jesus passed. Such an inspiring book, delightful read.

    Thank you Julie de Vere Hunt!

  5. Fiona Russell

    I loved the whole imagery of their travel to the South of France, where I would often visit as a child … and it has so inspired me to look further at the gnostic gospels, the unsolved mystery of Reine Le Chateau, as well as the Cathars and their persecution …looking forward to your next instalment which I understand you are working on. Loving allowing my imagination to delve into this …

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