Apostle to Mary Magdalene

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A controversial and thought-provoking appraisal of the legend of Mary Magdalene – the repentant sinner, ‘bride’ of Jesus, mother, teacher, healer and priestess.

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No woman in the history of Christianity has captured the imagination more than Mary Magdalene since the publication of Dan Brown’s novel ‘the Da Vinci Code’ brought her back into consciousness.

Repentant sinner, bride of Jesus, mother, teacher, healer and priestess – these are just some of the roles ascribed to her.

In an easy to read A-Z format, de Vere Hunt provides an overview of what little we do know about her from religious scholars gleaned from the New Testament and Gnostic Gospels.The author touches on quantum physics and discusses metaphysical phenomena such as the Akashic Records, Cellular Memory, meditation and the Zero Point Field as ways forward to uncover the truth.

The revelations will seem unbelievable and even heretical to some, but de Vere Hunt  is confident her theories will be borne out by quantum physics in the fullness of time.

Mary Magdalene is here in our midst to help us make the transition into the Age of Aquarius where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will stand side by side in equal partnership and enable us to live in a better world.

She also makes practical suggestions as to how we can all experience ‘heaven on earth’ and give us hope for a better future.

3 reviews for Apostle to Mary Magdalene

  1. Wendy Jane Erick

    I found the spiritual insight and purity contained within Julie De Vere Hunt’s book Apostle to Mary Magdalene to be both knowledgeable and captivating. I am pleased to recommend this book-without doubt it’s worth a read

  2. Mrs Elizabeth M Pritchard

    ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’ – Divine Feminine alongside Divine Masculine at the birth of Christianity and The Age Of Aquarius. The hero is a woman. The messenger is a woman. And, it’s not presented as a piece of fiction, even though some might prefer it that way. Julie De Vere Hunt challenges the historical perception of Mary Magdalene’s role alongside Jesus Christ. Along the way, she provides evidence from verifiable ancient documents and The Akash. You might find this work challenging. It blows the patriarchal and institutional cobwebs off one of the greatest stories of all time – Jesus, his life, death and resurrection – and puts a woman at the centre of the story. For students of Mary Magdalene, there are many threads to follow from Egypt, Tantra and Modern Psychology. On top of that, it is an easy read.

  3. Clifford Shaw, Portland, Oregon

    Congratulations on your book, ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’. Your experiences are most certainly amazing, scarcely believable to most people, completely believable to me, but with consequences. These channels can become very powerful when we admit them to our reality. My background is in psychology and at Tufts in the 70’s we ran a course called ‘Altered States of Consciousness’. We satisfied the administration by maintaining a veneer of scientific study in the face of overwhelming
    spiritual experience – did you know there is even a checklist to statistically evaluate mystical experiences? My guess, is that your experience, so far, is about 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 (don’t feel slighted – you have to see Angels to score above 8!).

    I think that only the thinly applied veneer of modern civilization separates most of us from these experiences. I did my own experiments with automatic writing and I definitely made contact with someone or something – whatever moved my hand was full of information about time
    and reality.

    I have concluded that there must be a kind of noosphere, or collective unconscious that we experience most often as hunches or feelings, or in dreams, and that it can be directly accessed by our consciousness via any number of techniques. The Akashic Records are a subset of this hidden noosphere. And second, that consciousness survives death and can communicate with the living.

    The Jesus/Isis thesis (the reconciliation of the male female dichotomy of the human condition) is one of the most interesting things floating around the noosphere. A few thousand years of human history can be summed up in two words – male domination. Time for a change, both external and internal. We are making progress. I believe there are entities out there like Mary Magdalene who are enlisting people like you in the cause. Hope it’s a smashing success!

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