My Journey

With Mary Magdalene as my guide this is my journey
of writing the Mary Magdalene books and the art that was inspired.

1. Ashram

Ratu Bagus ashram, Bali. The home of Ratu Bagus, a spiritual teacher with divine gifts where I have been visiting since 2005. A fellow
student told me she saw Mary Magdalene standing next to me whilst I was meditating – I did not think much of this as many
extraordinary events occur on the ashram. I asked her what she looked like and she said a ‘dark pink energy’. She also said I should
visit Glastonbury.

2. Avebury – orb

I was assisting a friend at a Heart Meditation workshop in Avebury when I took this photograph – the pink around orb is very clear.. Mary

avebury stones

3. Flower of Life

I meditate on this for a few minutes before I started my ‘automatic writing’ which I describe in the Prologue of ‘Apostle to Mary

I visit Glastonbury and pick up two books on Mary Magdalene in a second hand bookshop.

An A-Z of Mary Magdalene came into my head – what we do know, speculate and the science behind it!

4. Watercolour of Mary Magdalene by the author

mary magdalene, julie de vere hunt

5. ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’ front cover

With my picture of Mary Magdalene on my desk I wrote this in 6 weeks and discovered the gnostic gospels – this is what my next book
would be about!

There wasn’t even a gap!

6. ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’ front cover

This would be a ‘story’ about her life after the crucifixion, fleeing to Alexandria, Egypt, bearing a daughter, writing the gnostic gospels
and preaching. Her escape to Gaul, France where she retired to a cave near Marseilles where she spent the last 20 years of her life.. I
visited this cave but more on that later!

7. Watercolour of Pharos lighthouse, Alexandria by the author

8. Author’s impression of the Serapeum in oil

9. Fragment of the Gospel of John written in ancient Greek