AVEBURY BOOK SIGNING – Henge Shop, Sunday 15th. December 2019

  I didn’t know what to expect at my first book signing at the Henge Shop in Avebury. My publisher had warned me that book signings could be poorly attended; he once accompanied a ‘famous’ author on one and not a soul came! The following words sprang to mind:-  ‘Be open to everything but attached […]

The Mary Magdalene You Tube Channel

We are very excited to be launching The Mary Magdalene You Tube Channel featuring interviews and readings with Author Julie De Vere Hunt. Please subscribe so you can be notified when new videos are launched    


Last night was my first live radio interview, with Chloe and Peggy Sue on the ‘Outer Limits Show’ at Radio Swindon. If you missed it, it is available on podcast on their website. My main concern was staying awake, as the programme aired from 10-11pm!  I have just returned from another pilgrimage to Ratu’s ashram […]

Why is Mary Magdalene an Ambassador to the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is an energy that has been with us since ancient times. Human consciousness is basically divided into the ‘masculine’ and the ‘feminine’ sides – we need both to achieve our highest potential. The Feminine represents the connection to the part of our consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition and empathy, irrespective of gender. […]

The Akhenaten Mystery School

Akhenaten was the first pharaoh of Egypt and ruled for just 17 seventeen years from 1351-1344 BC. Before Akhenaten there were only kings, not pharaohs. Pharaoh means ‘that which you shall become’. Akhenaten’s main aim was to break up all the occult religions and bring the Egyptian people back to a single religion where they […]